About The Siding Girl…

Welcome: Curious homeowners, Newbie siding installers and DIY-er’s!

My name is Natalie Viklund and I am The Siding Girl.  I have been a full time siding installer for over 19 years. (wow-zar! That number even surprises me.) 

You name it and I have probably installed it.  Everything from Wood siding, Vinyl siding, Fiber-Cement Board products like James Hardie siding , to engineered wood siding like CanExel and every style in between.   I work side by side with my wonderful husband Shane. Together we take your exteriors from drab to fab! Our company has been servicing Calgary and the central Alberta area for all those 19 years.

But you are a WOMAN!  Yes, that is true…. making it the number one thing that sets us apart from all the other companies out there, in such male dominated industry. 

I love being able to advise our customers on the different color choices they have access to and evaluate  different design options, they may not have thought about. I call it the ‘Color Walk.’ Homeowners love to daydream about their homes in color & I love to listen to them as they walk me through how they see their house coming together.  I’d love to hear your Color Walk.

So why have I started this page?  I am here to help first time and DIY-er’s and homeowner learn the tips and tricks I have picked up over the years.  My goal is to give you a running start on your siding project. I can show you the easiest way to install siding, soffit, fascia, and trims.  Heck, if I can learn to install Siding … anyone can!

So if you are looking for a quick guide on how to take your Siding project from start to finish, I am your girl.  Don’t be afraid to ask me. If I don’t know I will be sure to find someone that does and I will share that information with you… no strings attached. 

So if you are ready, let’s get your project started, may I suggest a few places to start.

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