3 simple ways to fix loose siding.

For those of us that live in a vinyl sided house it is something we all  hope that will never happen, but it does happen more often than we like. It could be a poor install, or maybe you had a hard wind storm. That dreaded piece of siding coming loose and hanging there unattached from the bottom board. How are we gonna fix this?

Well short of tearing off your siding, reinstalling it and pull up at the proper tension…Here are a couple tricks that you can do to keep that siding together and hopefully it won’t come apart again.

Crimp the bottom of the siding board.

crimp siding to keep it from becoming loose

While the siding if unattached and dangling, take your siding snips, or a pair of needle nose pliers will also do the trick. With your snips grab ahold of the bottom track and give it a twist. Do this every couple of feet. For some added insurance, squeeze some caulking into the track before clipping it back together. If you got a good crimp on the bottom track, you are going to have to squeeze pretty hard to click it in. You should feel it click in.  Double check you pushed up on all the crimps by looking down the line of the board. You will be able to see if there is a bump from a missed crimp. After taking this step and re-clicking the siding boards together, it should never come apart again.

Your siding will still be loose, but it shouldn’t come apart again thanks to the caulking and the crimps holding everything together.

Screw up from the bottom of the siding.

We don’t often use this technique to hold siding together, but it will still work. Take a 1/2 or 3/4 inch long screw, find a drain hole on the bottom of the vinyl siding board and drill a screw up from the bottom.  This locks the loose board into the board below it. I would screw every 2 feet to hold it together. You should be able to get color match screws from Amazon, or your local hardware store that matches your siding color, so it won’t be very noticeable to any onlookers.

For added security, you could add caulking to the track before joining the two boards together with the screws.

Just caulk it.

This method is our least favorite, as we feel that it is just not secure enough.  However, it will work. Simple drop dabs of caulking into the bottom track of the loose board.  I would dab caulking every 6-8 inches along the loose board. Being careful not to put too much in, our when you click the boards back together, you could get squeeze out.  If you do get caulking squeeze out on the front face of your vinyl siding, just wipe it off with a little bit of mineral spirits. 


And with that,  hopefully these three simple fixes will stop that loose piece of  siding from flapping in the wind & from keeping you up all night. 

But if it keeps coming apart, call a siding contractor in your area to give you a hand problem solving your issue.