Hang objects from vinyl siding without damaging it.

We’ve all been there. We want to decorate our house for Halloween or Christmas or any holiday. Maybe we just want to hang that new amazing sign that we got for christmas on the outside of our house for all the neighbours to see.But some of this stuff is heavy, so how do we do it? What is the best way to hang something from the siding?

Here are four ways that you can hang objects from your siding. Three are non destructive and the last one is more for a penement item like a planter etc.

Vinyl siding hooks

This is one of the best methods to hang smaller objects off your siding. With this method you will not damage your siding at all. These hooks from Amazon are our favorite. With them you just simply roll them into any vinyl siding seam that you like. To remove them just do the opposite twist and roll.. And now you just hang your decorations on it. Each hook is rated for about 12 pounds anything over you’ll have to use a different method.

Sticky Hooks

You can use the sticky hooks that stick onto your siding will hold about 5 pounds. They do not leave a sticky residue. Basically just pull off the protective surface of the foam and stick it on your siding. Be sure the siding has been cleaned and is free of dirt. 

Zip tool

Screw a wire into a stud for hanging heavy items

This is by far our preferred method. It is a bit more in depth as you will have to pull your siding apart with a zip tool. Just tuck the zip tool in the seam between the siding and pull it down and it will separate your siding from your upper track. Once you have it removed then lift up the board a little bit and screw along screw into a stud. Take some heavy wire and wrap it around the screw and let it hang down. Now notch the siding where the wire is going to come out from underneath.

Now just reattach the siding by using zip tool. Pulling it down and clicking it into the bottom piece. Now you should be able to hang as much as you want off this providing you don’t go over the breaking strength of your wire.

I like this method because there is no damage to the siding and water can’t get in behind the siding. But if you’re not too concerned about that then this next method might be a good one for you if it’s a permanent item like a planter or a heavy outdoor sign that you want to hang onto your siding.

Screw through the face of the siding 

This way is only really recommended if you don’t care that some water might get in behind your siding or it’s a permanent item that you’re hanging on the siding.

Just take a long screw and screw it into a stud behind the siding. (You might need a stud finder to make this easy) Now take caulking and place a small dab around the nail hole to keep water from entering behind your siding. Now hang whatever you like on it should be good and strong.


There you have it, four different methods of hanging a heavy items off of your vinyl siding.  Be sure to check out some older post that will help with your diy siding projects!